This user-friendly data query system allows public health practitioners and researchers, as well as the general public, access to generate standard or customized birth tables without delay. Access to Birth data is available from 1975 to the current year, and can be broken down by various demographics of the child (gestational age, gender, birth weight), demographics of the mother (age, race, Hispanic origin, education level, trimester when prenatal care began, number of previous live births, plurality), and geography (mother's county and city of residence).

In addition to frequencies both percentages and birth rates Crude birth rates, Fertility rates, as well as Age, Race, and Hispanic origin specific rates) can be generated.

Records of birth for all Oklahoma residents, born in-state and out of state, that have been reviewed by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) are considered Final. Birth records that are under the review process or are still in the collection process have not been finalized but are available as preliminary data. Preliminary data are subject to change.

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For general questions about birth data, please contact the Center for Health Statistics at ok2share@health.ok.gov or 405-426-8030.