General Instructions:
  • Follow steps to perform desired search. Some steps contain more detailed instructions.
  • Items allowing multiple selections are marked "(Multiple)".
  • To select/deselect multiple items, hold down the CTRL key.
  • Characteristics with nothing selected will imply that there is no subset for that characteristic.
  • Total charges reflect the total billed charges and do not necessarily refer to the costs nor are they synonymous with reimbursements associated with the surgical visit.
Step 1: Select Time Span, Facility Type, Unit of Interest and County (Required)
Calender Year:

Entire State
County of Residence:


Step 2: Limit Search by Facilties (Optional)


      *   To view data by individual facility names, select Facility in the drill level in Step 9.

Step 3: Limit Search by Characteristics of Patient (Optional)



Age Group:


Step 4: Limit Search by Discharge Status (Optional)
Discharge Status:


Step 5: Limit Search by Payer Groups (Optional)
Payer Group: 


Step 6: Limit Search by Body System and Procedure Group (Optional)

Body Systems


Procedure Groups


Step 7: Define Report Content and Submit Request (Optional)
Report Title: 

Drill Level 1:

Drill Level 2:
Drill Level 3:
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Data
Level 3 Data
Level 2 Level 3 Data
Level 3 Data

Additional Statistics 

Number of Procedures
Percent of Procedures


Number of Patients
Percent of Patients
Number of Encounters
Percent of Encounters
Charges-25th Percentile
Charges-75th Percentile


  • The Additional Statistics options determine the unit of interest involved (i.e., procedure, patient or encounter).
  • If nothing is selected here, the report defaults to encounters as the unit of interest.
  • Encounter percentiles are for charges.
  • Data contraints:
    • Procedure counts are not available for queries involving the following options:
      • Facilities
      • County
      • Gender
      • Race
      • Age Group
      • Discharge Status
      • Payer Group
    • Drill Level constraints
      • Procedure-only options:
        Queries with either "Body System" or "Procedure Group" for a Drill Level can only return procedures.
      • Non-Procedure options
        With all other Drill Level selections, either Patient counts or Encounter counts may be returned.


Sort By: Sorting and additional statistics are not available with data grouped by more than one level.
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