All licensed free-standing ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are required to submit data on their outpatient surgery discharges for a calendar year by March 1st of the following year. The CMS1500 format is used to collect the data. Statistics related to surgeries performed in ASCs are available beginning with the 2006 data year. ASC surgery statistics are available by year, county, gender, race, age, discharge status, payer group, body system and procedure group. In addition to frequencies of encounters, additional statistics are available for encounters including percent and charges (total, average, 25th percentile and 75th percentile); number and percent of procedures ; and number and percent of patients.

Definitions of the data submitted from ASCs can be found in the Data Submission ManualsExternal Link.

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    For general questions about ASC discharge data, please contact the Center for Health Statistics at ok2share@health.ok.gov or 405-426-8030.