County: The county of residence (map of state)
Time Span: The years during which the events occurred (induced termination of pregnancy)

Mother's Race:
     All Race/Ethnic specific ratios are calculated using Oklahoma Resident Births as reported by the Oklahoma State Dept. of Health Vital Records.

Marital Status:
    Not married: Never married, divorced, or widowed at the time of the infant's birth
    Married: At the time of the infant's birth

Previous Live Births:
  High parity:
    Teens - Under 20 years of age with 2 or more previous births
    Adults - Ages 20 and over with 4 or more previous births


  Abortion Ratio = 1000 x Number of Abortions / Number of Resident Live Births

***when calculating the ratio for combined years the population is the sum of the populations for the specified time span***

For Oklahoma Statute Abortion Related Compilation (63 O.S. Section 1-730 – 1-741) click here