General Instructions:
  • Follow steps to perform desired search. Some steps contain more detailed instructions.
  • Items allowing multiple selections are marked "(Multiple)".
  • To select/deselect multiple items, hold down the CTRL key.
  • Characteristics with nothing selected will imply that there is no subset for that characteristic.
  • The selection of sub-setting criteria marked with an asterisk "*" or the selection of certain drilldown values may disable the capability to generate death rates.
  • Mortality Statistic Definitions
Step 1: Select Counties and Time Span (Required)
Time Span:


   Entire State



Step 2: Limit Search by Characteristics of Decedent (Optional)
For a records search of all decedents with a Hispanic origin, select "Hispanic Only" in the Hispanic Origin box and clear any selections in the Race box.
Gender: *

Race: *


Use IHS Revised Categories

Hispanic Origin: *



Step 3: Limit Search by Cause of Death (Optional)
ICD-10 Causes of Death:

Step 4: Define Report Content and Submit Request
This section allows you to define the structure of the resultant table.  
  • Select up to two grouping levels in addition to "Years" and " Geographic Area ". 
  • If "Individual Years" is checked this will generate a table for each year in the time span where as if the "Individual Years" is not selected the table generated will be the combined counts, percents and rates of the selected time span.  
  • If rates or percents are desired and can be generated, select the appropriate check box.
  • The rates generated for 1990 and up are based on the Population Estimates with bridged racial categories that have been recently released by NCHS.
  • In order to create a MAP of the results, "County (Residence)" must be selected in Drill Level 1. The Map is a geographical display of "Number of Deaths" by county level. It is possible to create a map of "Percent of Deaths", "Death Rates per 1,000 population", "Age-Adjusted Death Rates" or "YPLL (Years of Potential Life Lost Before the age of 65 / 75 / 85)" by selecting the appropriate checkbox.
  • Select "Quatiles" to organize the results into 4 groups, select "quintiles" to organize the results into 5 groups, and select None or One "Additional Statistics" to enable "Enter User Defined Midpoint of Intervals".
  • Turn county name lables on the map "ON" or "OFF".
  • Choose an appropriate color scheme for the map.
Report Title: 

Drill Level 1:

Drill Level 2:
Drill Level 3:
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Data
Level 3 Data
Level 2 Level 3 Data
Level 3 Data

Additional Statistics 

Percent of Deaths 

Death Rates 

Age-Adjusted Rates 

YPLL (Years of Potential Life Lost before the age of) 


Sort By: Sorting is not available when you select drill level 2 or 3.
Order:      Ascending


                  Note:  The Map is available to display if "County (Residence)" is selected in Drill Level 1.

Display Map:   ON OFF

Select intervals:
      User Defined Midpoint of Intervals * Input Numbers Only
Note: Map with 'User Defined Midpoint of Intervals' is available to display when NONE or ONE 'Additional Statistics' option is selected.
Label counties: Yes No
Select color combination: