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Step1: Select Counties, Cities or the Entire State and Time Span (Required)

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Step 2: Limit Search by Characteristics of Child (Optional)

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Step 4: Define Report Content and Submit Request
This section allows you to define the structure of the resultant table.  
  • Select  up to two grouping levels in addition to "Years" and "Geographic Area". 
  • If "Individual Years" is checked this will generate a table for each year in the time span where as if the "Individual Years" is not selected the table generated will be the combined counts, percents and rates of the selected time span.  
  • If rates or percents are desired and can be generated, select the appropriate check box.
  • The rates generated since 1990 are based on the Population Estimates with bridged racial categories released by NCHS.
Sorting is not available when you select drill level 2 or 3.
Report Title: 
Report by Years
Report by Counties
  Column Variable:
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Column Column Column Column
Row Data Data Data Data
Data Data Data Data
Row Data Data Data Data
Data Data Data Data
Bar Chart Graphics (Birth Counts Only):   (Not Available)