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  • Characteristics with nothing selected will imply that there is no subset for that characteristic.
  • The selection of sub-setting criteria marked with an asterisk "*" or the selection of certain drilldown values may disable the capability to generate rates.
  • To select a county or district, you must deselect the state.

Step 1: Select Time Frame, State, Counties, or Districts (Required)
Time Frame of Total Cases (By Date of Onset)
(From March 1, 2020)

To select by Event Month of Diagnosis, go to Drill Level 1 below
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Step 2: Select Deaths or Hospitalizations (Optional) Total Cases is Default - based on event date
Died from COVID-19

Hospitalized with COVID-19

Step 3: Limit Search by (Optional)
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Step 4: Define Report Content and Submit Request
This section allows you to define the structure of the resultant table.  
  • Select up to three grouping levels.
  • If rates or percents are desired and can be generated, select the appropriate check box.
  • Rates are not available by Comorbidities.
  • Rates are per 100,000 using 2020 population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

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Additional Statistics 


Covid Incidence Rates 

Age-Adjusted Incidence Rates 


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