The mission of the Injury Prevention Service is to improve the health of Oklahomans by working in collaboration with communities and stakeholders to identify injury problems, then developing, implementing, and evaluating environmental modifications, policy, and educational interventions.The Injury Prevention Service has been collecting data on injury-related morbidity and mortality since 1988. Inpatient discharge data collected by the Health Care Information and vital statistics death data are used to identify leading causes of injury and at-risk populations. This user-friendly data query system allows public health practitioners and researchers, as well as the general public, access to generate injury-specific standard or customized tables of morbidity or mortality statistics. Details are available on the mechanism/cause of injury and the manner/intent of injury. Hospitalization counts reflect the number of discharges from licensed long-term and short-term acute care facilities in Oklahoma who report to the inpatient discharge database.

Injury Queries

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For general questions about injury data, please contact Injury Prevention:
E-Mail: injury@health.ok.gov
Phone: 405-426-8440