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  • Follow steps to perform desired search. Some steps contain more detailed instructions.
  • Items allowing multiple selections are marked "(Multiple)".
  • To select/deselect multiple items, hold down the CTRL key.
  • Characteristics with nothing selected will imply that there is no subset for that characteristic.
  • The OBDR utilizes an adapted British Pediatric Association (BPA) coding system for classification of birth defects. These codes consist of a 6-digit number which identifies the specific birth defect. Importantly, if a code ends in '8' e.g. 742.108, it is considered unconfirmed and is excluded from the presented figures.
  • An infant may have more than one birth defect and can contribute to more than one birth defect category below; therefore it is not appropriate to add totals from multiple queries.
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Step 4: Define Report Content and Submit Request
This section allows you to outline the parameters of the birth defects report.  
  • Select  up to two grouping levels in addition to "Years" and "Geographic Area". 
  • If "Individual Years" is checked this will generate a table for each year in the time span where as if the "Individual Years" is not selected the table generated will be the combined counts.  
  • Please note that calculations may be suppressed due to small number of defects (5 or less).
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Additional Statistics 

Birth Prevelance

Rate per 10,000 live births (only available using Drill Level 1)