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  • Items allowing multiple selections are marked "(Multiple)".
  • To select/deselect multiple items, hold down the CTRL key.
  • Characteristics with nothing selected will imply that there is no subset for that characteristic.
  • Total charges reflect the total billed charges and do not necessarily refer to the costs nor are they synonymous with reimbursements associated with the surgical visit.
Step 1: Select Time Span, Facility Type, Unit of Interest and County (Required)
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      *   To view data for all facilities, select Facility in the drill level in Step 7.

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Step 6: Limit Search by Body System and Procedure Group (Optional)

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Level 3 Data

Additional Statistics 

Number of Procedures
Percent of Procedures


Number of Patients
Percent of Patients
Number of Encounters
Percent of Encounters
Charges-25th Percentile
Charges-75th Percentile

Note: The Additional Statistics options determine the unit of interest involved (i.e., procedure, patient or encounter). If nothing is selected here, the form defaults to encounters, with the exception of queries with either "Body System" or "Procedure Grouping" for a Drill Level. Due to the data structure, queries grouped by either "Body System" or "Procedure Grouping" must return procedures instead. All others will query patients or encounters.


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Sorting and additional statistics are not available with data grouped by more than one level.

Sorting and additional statistics are not available with data grouped by more than one level.