Types of Surgeries:
Outpatient surgery encounters include open procedures, endoscopy procedures, catherization procedures, pain management procedures, lithotripsy and injection procedures such as myelogram, arthrograms, etc.

Surgery encounter:
A surgery encounter indicates an outpatient surgery discharge record and may consist of more than one procedure. Encounter statistics are based on surgery encounters.

Procedure statistics count individual procedures. There may be multiple procedures per surgery encounter.

Patient statistics count unique patients. Patients may have multiple encounters and procedures.

Total charges reflect the total billed charges and do not necessarily refer to the costs nor are they synonymous with reimbursements associated with the surgical visit.

25th percentile /1st quartile for total charges is the charge below which 25 percent of the charges fall.

75th percentile /3rd quartile for total charges is the charge below which 75 percent of the charges fall.

CPT Codes:
The CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) code set accurately describes medical, surgical, and diagnostic services and is designed to communicate uniform information about medical services and procedures among physicians, coders, patients, accreditation organizations, and payers for administrative, financial, and analytical purposes. CPT codes are developed, maintained and copyrighted by the AMA (American Medical Association.)

Body System CPT Range
Male Genital54000-55980
Female Genital56405-58999
Maternity Care and Delivery59000-59998
Cardiac Catheterization93451-93572
Non-Surgical ProceduresOutside above ranges

For 2016 onwards, the Groupings were developed as part of the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP), a Federal-State-Industry partnership sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

The following link contains detail explanations and codes for the outpatient principal diagnosis categories.

Clinical Classification Software (CCS)
> Downloading Information for the Tool and Documentation > CCS Services and Procedures License Agreement

Groupings CPT Codes
Abdominal paracentesis See
Abortion (termination of pregnancy) link
Alcohol and drug rehabilitation/detoxification above
Amputation of lower extremity for
Ancillary Services CPT
Anesthesia coding
Aortic resection, replacement or anastomosis
Arterial blood gases
Arterio- or venogram (not heart and head)
Arthroplasty knee
Arthroplasty other than hip or knee
Biopsy of liver
Blood transfusion
Bone marrow biopsy
Bone marrow transplant
Breast biopsy and other diagnostic procedures on breast
Bunionectomy or repair of toe deformities
Cancer chemotherapy
Cardiac stress tests
Cerebral arteriogram
Cesarean section
Cholecystectomy and common duct exploration
Colonoscopy and biopsy
Colorectal resection
Colostomy, temporary and permanent
Computerized axial tomography (CT) scan head
Contrast aortogram
Contrast arteriogram of femoral and lower extremity arteries
Control of epistaxis
Conversion of cardiac rhythm
Corneal transplant
Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG)
Coronary thrombolysis
Creation, revision and removal of arteriovenous fistula or vessel-to-vessel cannula for dialysis
CT scan abdomen
CT scan chest
Debridement of wound, infection or burn
Decompression peripheral nerve
Destruction of lesion of retina and choroid
Diagnostic amniocentesis
Diagnostic bronchoscopy and biopsy of bronchus
Diagnostic cardiac catheterization, coronary arteriography
Diagnostic dilatation and curettage (D and C)
Diagnostic endocrine procedures
Diagnostic physical therapy
Diagnostic procedures on ear
Diagnostic procedures on eye
Diagnostic procedures on nose, mouth and pharynx
Diagnostic procedures, male genital
Diagnostic spinal tap
Diagnostic ultrasound of abdomen or retroperitoneum
Diagnostic ultrasound of gastrointestinal tract
Diagnostic ultrasound of head and neck
Diagnostic ultrasound of heart (echocardiogram)
Diagnostic ultrasound of urinary tract
Dilatation and curettage (D and C), aspiration after delivery or abortion
Division of joint capsule, ligament or cartilage
DME and supplies
Electroencephalogram (EEG)
Electrographic cardiac monitoring
Embolectomy and endarterectomy of lower limbs
Endarterectomy, vessel of head and neck
Endoscopic retrograde cannulation of pancreas (ERCP)
Endoscopy and endoscopic biopsy of the urinary tract
Enteral and parenteral nutrition
Esophageal dilatation
Excision of semilunar cartilage of knee
Excision of skin lesion
Excision, lysis peritoneal adhesions
Exploratory laparotomy
Extracorporeal circulation auxiliary to open heart procedures
Extracorporeal lithotripsy, urinary
Extracorporeal shock wave, other than urinary
Fetal monitoring
Forceps, vacuum, and breech delivery
Gastrectomy, partial and total
Gastric bypass and volume reduction
Gastrostomy, temporary and permanent
Genitourinary incontinence procedures
Glaucoma procedures
Hearing devices and audiology supplies
Heart valve procedures
Hemorrhoid procedures
Hip replacement, total and partial
Home Health Services
Hysterectomy, abdominal and vaginal
Ileostomy and other enterostomy
Incision and drainage, skin and subcutaneous tissue
Incision and excision of CNS
Incision of pleura, thoracentesis, chest drainage
Indwelling catheter
Infertility Services
Inguinal and femoral hernia repair
Injection or ligation of esophageal varices
Injections and aspirations of muscles, tendons, bursa, joints and soft tissue
Insertion of catheter or spinal stimulator and injection into spinal canal
Insertion, replacement, or removal of extracranial ventricular shunt
Insertion, revision, replacement, removal of cardiac pacemaker or cardioverter/defibrillator
Intraoperative cholangiogram
Intravenous pyelogram
Kidney transplant
Laboratory - Chemistry and Hematology
Laminectomy, excision intervertebral disc
Lens and cataract procedures
Ligation of fallopian tubes
Lobectomy or pneumonectomy
Local excision of large intestine lesion (not endoscopic)
Lower gastrointestinal X-ray
Lumpectomy, quadrantectomy of breast
Magnetic resonance imaging
Medications (Injections, infusions and other forms)
Microscopic examination (bacterial smear, culture, toxicology)
Nasogastric tube
Nephrectomy, partial or complete
Nephrotomy and nephrostomy
Nonoperative removal of foreign body
Nonoperative urinary system measurements
Oophorectomy, unilateral and bilateral
Open prostatectomy
Ophthalmologic and otologic diagnosis and treatment
Oral and Dental Services
Other bowel diagnostic procedures
Other CT scan
Other diagnostic cardiovascular procedures
Other diagnostic nervous system procedures
Other diagnostic procedures (interview, evaluation, consultation)
Other diagnostic procedures of respiratory tract and mediastinum
Other diagnostic procedures of urinary tract
Other diagnostic procedures on lung and bronchus
Other diagnostic procedures on musculoskeletal system
Other diagnostic procedures on skin and subcutaneous tissue
Other diagnostic procedures, female organs
Other diagnostic radiology and related techniques
Other diagnostic ultrasound
Other excision of cervix and uterus
Other extraocular muscle and orbit therapeutic procedures
Other fracture and dislocation procedure
Other gastrointestinal diagnostic procedures
Other hernia repair
Other intraocular therapeutic procedures
Other Laboratory
Other non-OR gastrointestinal therapeutic procedures
Other non-OR lower GI therapeutic procedures
Other non-OR or closed therapeutic nervous system procedures
Other non-OR therapeutic cardiovascular procedures
Other non-OR therapeutic procedures of urinary tract
Other non-OR therapeutic procedures on musculoskeletal system
Other non-OR therapeutic procedures on nose, mouth and pharynx
Other non-OR therapeutic procedures on respiratory system
Other non-OR therapeutic procedures on skin and breast
Other non-OR therapeutic procedures, female organs
Other non-OR therapeutic procedures, male genital
Other non-OR upper GI therapeutic procedures
Other operations on fallopian tubes
Other operations on ovary
Other OR gastrointestinal therapeutic procedures
Other OR heart procedures
Other OR lower GI therapeutic procedures
Other OR procedures on vessels of head and neck
Other OR procedures on vessels other than head and neck
Other OR therapeutic nervous system procedures
Other OR therapeutic procedures of urinary tract
Other OR therapeutic procedures on bone
Other OR therapeutic procedures on joints
Other OR therapeutic procedures on musculoskeletal system
Other OR therapeutic procedures on nose, mouth and pharynx
Other OR therapeutic procedures on respiratory system
Other OR therapeutic procedures on skin and breast
Other OR therapeutic procedures, female organs
Other OR therapeutic procedures, male genital
Other OR upper GI therapeutic procedures
Other organ transplantation
Other physical therapy and rehabilitation
Other procedures to assist delivery
Other radioisotope scan
Other respiratory therapy
Other therapeutic ear procedures
Other therapeutic endocrine procedures
Other therapeutic obstetrical procedures
Other therapeutic procedures
Other therapeutic procedures on eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea
Other therapeutic procedures on muscles and tendons
Other therapeutic procedures, hemic and lymphatic system
Other vascular bypass and shunt, not heart
Other vascular catheterization, not heart
Partial excision bone
Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA)
Peripheral vascular bypass
Peritoneal dialysis
Physical therapy exercises, manipulation, and other procedures
Plastic procedures on nose
Procedures on spleen
Procedures on the urethra
Proctoscopy and anorectal biopsy
Prophylactic vaccinations and inoculations
Psychological and psychiatric evaluation and therapy
Radioisotope bone scan
Radioisotope pulmonary scan
Radioisotope scan and function studies
Removal of ectopic pregnancy
Repair of current obstetric laceration
Repair of cystocele and rectocele, obliteration of vaginal vault
Repair of retinal tear, detachment
Respiratory intubation and mechanical ventilation
Routine chest X-ray
Skin graft
Small bowel resection
Spinal fusion
Suture of skin and subcutaneous tissue
Swan-Ganz catheterization for monitoring
Therapeutic radiology
Thyroidectomy, partial or complete
Tonsillectomy and/or adenoidectomy
Tracheoscopy and laryngoscopy with biopsy
Tracheostomy, temporary and permanent
Traction, splints, and other wound care
Transportation - patient, provider, equipment
Transurethral excision, drainage, or removal urinary obstruction
Transurethral resection of prostate (TURP)
Treatment, facial fracture or dislocation
Treatment, fracture or dislocation of hip and femur
Treatment, fracture or dislocation of lower extremity (other than hip or femur)
Treatment, fracture or dislocation of radius and ulna
Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, biopsy
Upper gastrointestinal X-ray
Ureteral catheterization
Varicose vein stripping, lower limb
Visual aids and other optical supplies