Principal Diagnosis Categories

AHRQ, HCUP Clinical Classifications Software Refined groupings:
The Clinical Classifications Software Refined (CCSR) aggregates International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Clinical Modification/Procedure Coding System (ICD-10-CM/PCS) codes into clinically meaningful categories.

Principal Diagnosis subcategories with 50 observations or less are grouped into their Principal Diagnosis Category Title (X.99) categories with the exception of those under Principal Diagnosis Categories found in Residual codes, unclassified, and all E codes which have no explicit subcategory.

1Infectious and parasitic diseases
1.03Bacterial infections
1.04Fungal infections
1.05Foodborne intoxications
1.06HIV infection
1.08Viral infection
1.09Parasitic, other specified and unspecified infections
1.10Sexually transmitted infections (excluding HIV and hepatitis)
1.11Sequela of specified infectious disease conditions
1.99Other infections and parasitic diseases
2.01Head and neck cancers - eye
2.02Head and neck cancers - lip and oral cavity
2.03Head and neck cancers - throat
2.04Head and neck cancers - salivary gland
2.05Head and neck cancers - nasopharyngeal
2.06Head and neck cancers - hypopharyngeal
2.07Head and neck cancers - pharyngeal
2.08Head and neck cancers - laryngeal
2.09Head and neck cancers - tonsils
2.10Head and neck cancers - all other types
2.11Cardiac cancers
2.12Gastrointestinal cancers - esophagus
2.13Gastrointestinal cancers - stomach
2.14Gastrointestinal cancers - small intestine
2.15Gastrointestinal cancers - colorectal
2.16Gastrointestinal cancers - anus
2.17Gastrointestinal cancers - liver
2.18Gastrointestinal cancers - bile duct
2.19Gastrointestinal cancers - gallbladder
2.20Gastrointestinal cancers - peritoneum
2.21Gastrointestinal cancers - all other types
2.22Respiratory cancers
2.23Bone cancer
2.25Skin cancers - melanoma
2.26Skin cancers - basal cell carcinoma
2.27Skin cancers - squamous cell carcinoma
2.28Skin cancers - all other types
2.29Breast cancer - ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)
2.30Breast cancer - all other types
2.31Female reproductive system cancers - uterus
2.32Female reproductive system cancers - cervix
2.33Female reproductive system cancers - ovary
2.34Female reproductive system cancers - fallopian tube
2.35Female reproductive system cancers - endometrium
2.36Female reproductive system cancers - vulva
2.37Female reproductive system cancers - vagina
2.38Female reproductive system cancers - all other types
2.39Male reproductive system cancers - prostate
2.40Male reproductive system cancers - testis
2.41Male reproductive system cancers - penis
2.42Male reproductive system cancers - all other types
2.43Urinary system cancers - bladder
2.44Urinary system cancers - ureter and renal pelvis
2.45Urinary system cancers - kidney
2.46Urinary system cancers - urethra
2.47Urinary system cancers - all other types
2.48Nervous system cancers - brain
2.49Nervous system cancers - all other types
2.50Endocrine system cancers - thyroid
2.51Endocrine system cancers - pancreas
2.52Endocrine system cancers - thymus
2.53Endocrine system cancers - adrenocortical
2.54Endocrine system cancers - parathyroid
2.55Endocrine system cancers - pituitary gland
2.56Endocrine system cancers - all other types
2.57Hodgkin lymphoma
2.58Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
2.59Leukemia - acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
2.60Leukemia - acute myeloid leukemia (AML)
2.61Leukemia - chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)
2.62Leukemia - chronic myeloid leukemia (CML)
2.63Leukemia - hairy cell
2.64Leukemia - all other types
2.65Multiple myeloma
2.66Malignant neuroendocrine tumors
2.68Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS)
2.69Cancer of other sites
2.70Secondary malignancies
2.71Malignant neoplasm, unspecified
2.72Neoplasms of unspecified nature or uncertain behavior
2.73Benign neoplasms
2.74Conditions due to neoplasm or the treatment of neoplasm
2.99Other neoplasms
3Endocrine, nutritional, and metabolic diseases and immunity disorders
3.01Thyroid disorders
3.02Diabetes mellitus without complication
3.03Diabetes mellitus with complication
3.04Diabetes mellitus, Type 1
3.05Diabetes mellitus, Type 2
3.06Diabetes mellitus, due to underlying condition, drug or chemical induced, or other specified type
3.07Nutritional deficiencies
3.10Disorders of lipid metabolism
3.11Fluid and electrolyte disorders
3.12Cystic fibrosis
3.13Pituitary disorders
3.14Postprocedural or postoperative endocrine or metabolic complication
3.15Other specified and unspecified endocrine disorders
3.16Other specified and unspecified nutritional and metabolic disorders
3.17Sequela of malnutrition and other nutritional deficiencies
3.99Other endocrine, nutritional, metabolic diseases and immunity disorders
4Diseases of blood and blood-forming organs
4.01Nutritional anemia
4.02Hemolytic anemia
4.03Aplastic anemia
4.04Acute posthemorrhagic anemia
4.05Sickle cell trait/anemia
4.06Coagulation and hemorrhagic disorders
4.07Diseases of white blood cells
4.08Immunity disorders
4.09Postprocedural or postoperative complications of the spleen
4.10Other specified and unspecified hematologic conditions
4.99Other diseases of blood and blood-forming organs
5Mental illness
5.01Schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders
5.02Depressive disorders
5.03Bipolar and related disorders
5.04Other specified and unspecified mood disorders
5.05Anxiety and fear-related disorders
5.06Obsessive-compulsive and related disorders
5.07Trauma- and stressor-related disorders
5.08Disruptive, impulse-control and conduct disorders
5.09Personality disorders
5.10Feeding and eating disorders
5.11Somatic disorders
5.12Suicidal ideation/attempt/intentional self-harm
5.13Miscellaneous mental and behavioral disorders/conditions
5.14Neurodevelopmental disorders
5.17Alcohol-related disorders
5.18Opioid-related disorders
5.19Cannabis-related disorders
5.20Sedative-related disorders
5.21Stimulant-related disorders
5.22Hallucinogen-related disorders
5.23Inhalant-related disorders
5.24Tobacco-related disorders
5.25Other specified substance-related disorders
5.26Mental and substance use disorders in remission
5.27Suicide attempt/intentional self-harm; subsequent encounter
5.28Opioid-related disorders; subsequent encounter
5.29Stimulant-related disorders; subsequent encounter
5.30Cannabis-related disorders; subsequent encounter
5.31Hallucinogen-related disorders; subsequent encounter
5.32Sedative-related disorders; subsequent encounter
5.33Inhalant-related disorders; subsequent encounter
5.34Mental and substance use disorders; sequela
5.99Other mental illnesses
6Diseases of nervous system and sense organs
6.03Other specified CNS infection and poliomyelitis
6.04Parkinson`s disease
6.05Multiple sclerosis
6.06Other specified hereditary and degenerative nervous system conditions
6.07Cerebral palsy
6.08Paralysis (other than cerebral palsy)
6.09Epilepsy; convulsions
6.10Headache; including migraine
6.11Neurocognitive disorders
6.12Transient cerebral ischemia
6.13Coma; stupor; and brain damage
6.14CNS abscess
6.16Sleep wake disorders
6.17Nerve and nerve root disorders
6.19Nervous system pain and pain syndromes
6.20Other specified nervous system disorders
6.21Postprocedural or postoperative nervous system complication
6.22Sequela of specified nervous system conditions
6.99Other diseases of the nervous system and sense organs
7Diseases of circulatory system
7.01Chronic rheumatic heart disease
7.02Acute rheumatic heart disease
7.03Nonrheumatic and unspecified valve disorders
7.04Endocarditis and endocardial disease
7.05Myocarditis and cardiomyopathy
7.06Pericarditis and pericardial disease
7.07Essential hypertension
7.08Hypertension with complications and secondary hypertension
7.09Acute myocardial infarction
7.10Complications of acute myocardial infarction
7.11Coronary atherosclerosis and other heart disease
7.12Nonspecific chest pain
7.13Acute pulmonary embolism
7.14Pulmonary heart disease
7.15Other and ill-defined heart disease
7.16Conduction disorders
7.17Cardiac dysrhythmias
7.18Cardiac arrest and ventricular fibrillation
7.19Heart failure
7.20Cerebral infarction
7.21Acute hemorrhagic cerebrovascular disease
7.22Sequela of hemorrhagic cerebrovascular disease
7.23Occlusion or stenosis of precerebral or cerebral arteries without infarction
7.24Other and ill-defined cerebrovascular disease
7.25Sequela of cerebral infarction and other cerebrovascular disease
7.26Peripheral and visceral vascular disease
7.27Arterial dissections
7.29Aortic; peripheral; and visceral artery aneurysms
7.30Aortic and peripheral arterial embolism or thrombosis
7.32Other specified and unspecified circulatory disease
7.33Acute phlebitis; thrombophlebitis and thromboembolism
7.34Chronic phlebitis; thrombophlebitis and thromboembolism
7.35Varicose veins of lower extremity
7.36Postthrombotic syndrome and venous insufficiency/hypertension
7.38Postprocedural or postoperative circulatory system complication
7.39Other specified diseases of veins and lymphatics
7.99Other diseases of thecirculatory system
8Diseases of the respiratory system
8.02Pneumonia (except that caused by tuberculosis)
8.04Acute and chronic tonsillitis
8.05Acute bronchitis
8.06Other specified upper respiratory infections
8.07Other specified and unspecified upper respiratory disease
8.08Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchiectasis
8.10Aspiration pneumonitis
8.11Pleurisy, pleural effusion and pulmonary collapse
8.12Respiratory failure; insufficiency; arrest
8.13Lung disease due to external agents
8.15Mediastinal disorders
8.16Other specified and unspecified lower respiratory disease
8.17Postprocedural or postoperative respiratory system complication
8.99Other diseases of the repiratory system
9Diseases of digestive system
9.01Intestinal infection
9.02Disorders of teeth and gingiva
9.03Diseases of mouth; excluding dental
9.04Esophageal disorders
9.05Gastroduodenal ulcer
9.06Gastrointestinal and biliary perforation
9.07Gastritis and duodenitis
9.08Other specified and unspecified disorders of stomach and duodenum
9.09Appendicitis and other appendiceal conditions
9.10Abdominal hernia
9.11Regional enteritis and ulcerative colitis
9.12Intestinal obstruction and ileus
9.13Diverticulosis and diverticulitis
9.15Anal and rectal conditions
9.16Peritonitis and intra-abdominal abscess
9.17Biliary tract disease
9.18Hepatic failure
9.19Other specified and unspecified liver disease
9.20Pancreatic disorders (excluding diabetes)
9.21Gastrointestinal hemorrhage
9.22Noninfectious gastroenteritis
9.23Noninfectious hepatitis
9.24Postprocedural or postoperative digestive system complication
9.25Other specified and unspecified gastrointestinal disorders
9.99Other diseases of the digestive system
10Diseases of genitourinary system
10.01Nephritis; nephrosis; renal sclerosis
10.02Acute and unspecified renal failure
10.03Chronic kidney disease
10.04Urinary tract infections
10.05Calculus of urinary tract
10.06Other specified and unspecified diseases of kidney and ureters
10.07Other specified and unspecified diseases of bladder and urethra
10.08Urinary incontinence
10.11Vesicoureteral reflux
10.12Hyperplasia of prostate
10.13Inflammatory conditions of male genital organs
10.14Erectile dysfunction
10.15Male infertility
10.16Other specified male genital disorders
10.17Nonmalignant breast conditions
10.18Inflammatory diseases of female pelvic organs
10.20Prolapse of female genital organs
10.21Menstrual disorders
10.22Benign ovarian cyst
10.23Menopausal disorders
10.24Female infertility
10.25Other specified female genital disorders
10.26Postprocedural or postoperative genitourinary system complication
10.99Other diseases of the genitourinary system
11Complications of pregnancy, childbirth, and puerperium
11.01Antenatal screening
11.02Gestational weeks
11.03Spontaneous abortion and complications of spontaneous abortion
11.04Induced abortion and complications of termination of pregnancy
11.05Ectopic pregnancy and complications of ectopic pregnancy
11.06Molar pregnancy and other abnormal products of conception
11.07Complications following ectopic and/or molar pregnancy
11.08Supervision of high-risk pregnancy
11.09Early, first or unspecified trimester hemorrhage
11.10Hemorrhage after first trimester
11.11Early or threatened labor
11.12Multiple gestation
11.13Maternal care related to fetal conditions
11.14Polyhydramnios and other problems of amniotic cavity
11.15Obstetric history affecting care in pregnancy
11.16Previous C-section
11.17Maternal care for abnormality of pelvic organs
11.18Maternal care related to disorders of the placenta and placental implantation
11.19Diabetes or abnormal glucose tolerance complicating pregnancy; childbirth; or the puerperium
11.20Hypertension and hypertensive-related conditions complicating pregnancy; childbirth; and the puerperium
11.21Maternal intrauterine infection
11.22Prolonged pregnancy
11.23Complications specified during childbirth
11.24Malposition, disproportion or other labor complications
11.25Anesthesia complications during pregnancy
11.26OB-related trauma to perineum and vulva
11.27Complications specified during the puerperium
11.28Other specified complications in pregnancy
11.29Uncomplicated pregnancy, delivery or puerperium
11.30Maternal outcome of delivery
11.99Other complications of pregnancy, childbirth, and puerperium
12Diseases of skin and subcutaneous tissue
12.01Skin and subcutaneous tissue infections
12.02Other specified inflammatory condition of skin
12.03Pressure ulcer of skin
12.04Non-pressure ulcer of skin
12.05Contact dermatitis
12.06Postprocedural or postoperative skin complication
12.07Other specified and unspecified skin disorders
12.99Other diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
13Diseases of musculoskeletal system and connective tissue
13.01Infective arthritis
13.03Rheumatoid arthritis and related disease
13.04Juvenile arthritis
13.05Other specified chronic arthropathy
13.07Other specified joint disorders
13.08Immune-mediated/reactive arthropathies
13.09Tendon and synovial disorders
13.10Musculoskeletal pain, not low back pain
13.11Spondylopathies/spondyloarthropathy (including infective)
13.12Biomechanical lesions
13.14Pathological fracture, initial encounter
13.15Pathological fracture, subsequent encounter
13.16Stress fracture, initial encounter
13.17Stress fracture, subsequent encounter
13.18Atypical fracture, initial encounter
13.19Atypical fracture, subsequent encounter
13.20Pathological, stress and atypical fractures, sequela
13.21Acquired foot deformities
13.22Scoliosis and other postural dorsopathic deformities
13.23Acquired deformities (excluding foot)
13.24Systemic lupus erythematosus and connective tissue disorders
13.25Other specified connective tissue disease
13.26Muscle disorders
13.27Musculoskeletal abscess
13.28Other specified bone disease and musculoskeletal deformities
13.29Disorders of jaw
13.30Aseptic necrosis and osteonecrosis
13.31Traumatic arthropathy
13.32Neurogenic/neuropathic arthropathy
13.34Crystal arthropathies (excluding gout)
13.36Autoinflammatory syndromes
13.37Postprocedural or postoperative musculoskeletal system complication
13.38Low back pain
13.99Other diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue
14Congenital anomalies
14.01Cardiac and circulatory congenital anomalies
14.02Digestive congenital anomalies
14.03Genitourinary congenital anomalies
14.04Nervous system congenital anomalies
14.05Congenital malformations of eye, ear, face, neck
14.06Cleft lip or palate
14.07Respiratory congenital malformations
14.08Musculoskeletal congenital conditions
14.09Chromosomal abnormalities
14.10Other specified and unspecified congenital anomalies
14.99Other congenital anomalies
15Certain conditions originating in perinatal period
15.02Short gestation; low birth weight; and fetal growth retardation
15.03Neonatal acidemia and hypoxia
15.04Neonatal cerebral disorders
15.05Respiratory distress syndrome
15.06Respiratory perinatal condition
15.07Hemolytic jaundice and perinatal jaundice
15.08Birth trauma
15.09Perinatal infections
15.10Newborn affected by maternal conditions or complications of labor/delivery
15.11Hemorrhagic and hematologic disorders of newborn
15.12Neonatal digestive and feeding disorders
15.13Other specified and unspecified perinatal conditions
15.14Neonatal abstinence syndrome
15.15Fetal alcohol syndrome
15.99Other certain conditions originating in the perinatal period
16Injury and poisoning
16.01Fracture of head and neck, initial encounter
16.02Fracture of the spine and back, initial encounter
16.03Fracture of torso, initial encounter
16.04Fracture of the upper limb, initial encounter
16.05Fracture of the lower limb (except hip), initial encounter
16.06Fracture of the neck of the femur (hip), initial encounter
16.07Dislocations, initial encounter
16.08Traumatic brain injury (TBI); concussion, initial encounter
16.09Spinal cord injury (SCI), initial encounter
16.10Internal organ injury, initial encounter
16.11Open wounds of head and neck, initial encounter
16.12Open wounds to limbs, initial encounter
16.13Open wounds of trunk, initial encounter
16.14Amputation of a limb, initial encounter
16.15Amputation of other body parts, initial encounter
16.16Injury to blood vessels, initial encounter
16.17Superficial injury; contusion, initial encounter
16.18Crushing injury, initial encounter
16.19Burn and corrosion, initial encounter
16.20Effect of foreign body entering opening, initial encounter
16.21Effect of other external causes, initial encounter
16.22Poisoning by drugs, initial encounter
16.23Toxic effects, initial encounter
16.24Sprains and strains, initial encounter
16.25Injury to nerves, muscles and tendons, initial encounter
16.26Other specified injury
16.27Other unspecified injury
16.28Adverse effects of drugs and medicaments, initial encounter
16.29Underdosing of drugs and medicaments, initial encounter
16.30Drug induced or toxic related condition
16.31Allergic reactions
16.33Complication of cardiovascular device, implant or graft, initial encounter
16.34Complication of genitourinary device, implant or graft, initial encounter
16.35Complication of internal orthopedic device or implant, initial encounter
16.36Complication of transplanted organs or tissue, initial encounter
16.37Complication of other surgical or medical care, injury, initial encounter
16.38Fracture of head and neck, subsequent encounter
16.39Fracture of the spine and back, subsequent encounter
16.40Fracture of torso, subsequent encounter
16.41Fracture of the upper limb, subsequent encounter
16.42Fracture of lower limb (except hip), subsequent encounter
16.43Fracture of the neck of the femur (hip), subsequent encounter
16.44Dislocations, subsequent encounter
16.45Traumatic brain injury (TBI); concussion, subsequent encounter
16.46Spinal cord injury (SCI), subsequent encounter
16.47Internal organ injury, subsequent encounter
16.48Open wounds of head and neck, subsequent encounter
16.49Open wounds to limbs, subsequent encounter
16.50Open wounds of trunk, subsequent encounter
16.51Amputation of a limb, subsequent encounter
16.52Amputation of other body parts, subsequent encounter
16.53Injury to blood vessels, subsequent encounter
16.54Superficial injury; contusion, subsequent encounter
16.55Crushing injury, subsequent encounter
16.56Burns and corrosion, subsequent encounter
16.57Effect of foreign body entering opening, subsequent encounter
16.58Effect of other external causes, subsequent encounter
16.59Poisoning by drugs, subsequent encounter
16.60Toxic effects, subsequent encounter
16.61Sprains and strains, subsequent encounter
16.62Injury to nerves, muscles and tendons, subsequent encounter
16.63Other specified injury, subsequent encounter
16.64Other unspecified injuries, subsequent encounter
16.65Adverse effects of drugs and medicaments, subsequent encounter
16.66Underdosing of drugs and medicaments, subsequent encounter
16.67Allergic reactions, subsequent encounter
16.68Maltreatment/abuse, subsequent encounter
16.69Complication of cardiovascular device, implant or graft, subsequent encounter
16.70Complication of genitourinary device, implant or graft, subsequent encounter
16.71Complication of internal orthopedic device or implant, subsequent encounter
16.72Complication of other surgical or medical care, injury, subsequent encounter
16.73Injury, sequela
16.74Effect of other external causes, sequela
16.75Poisoning/toxic effect/adverse effects/underdosing, sequela
16.76Complication, sequela
16.99Other injury and poisonings
17Symptoms, signs, and ill-defined conditions and factors influencing health status
17.04Nausea and vomiting
17.06Abdominal pain and other digestive/abdomen signs and symptoms
17.07Malaise and fatigue
17.08Symptoms of mental and substance use conditions
17.09Abnormal findings related to substance use
17.10Nervous system signs and symptoms
17.11Genitourinary signs and symptoms
17.12Circulatory signs and symptoms
17.13Respiratory signs and symptoms
17.14Skin/Subcutaneous signs and symptoms
17.15General sensation/perception signs and symptoms
17.16Other general signs and symptoms
17.17Abnormal findings without diagnosis
17.99Other symptoms, signs, and ill-defined conditions and factors influencing health status
18Diseases of the Ear and Mastoid Process
18.01Otitis media
18.02Diseases of middle ear and mastoid (except otitis media)
18.03Diseases of inner ear and related conditions
18.04Hearing loss
18.05Postprocedural or postoperative ear and/or mastoid process complication
18.06Other specified and unspecified disorders of the ear
18.99Other diseases of the ear and mastoid process
19Diseases of the Eye and Adnexa
19.01Cornea and external disease
19.02Cataract and other lens disorders
19.04Uveitis and ocular inflammation
19.05Retinal and vitreous conditions
19.08Oculofacial plastics and orbital conditions
19.09Refractive error
19.10Blindness and vision defects
19.11Postprocedural or postoperative eye complication
19.12Other specified eye disorders
19.99Other diseases of the eye and adnexa
20External Casues of Morbidity
20.01External cause codes: cut/pierce; initial encounter
20.02External cause codes: drowning/submersion; initial encounter
20.03External cause codes: fall; initial encounter
20.04External cause codes: fire/burn; initial encounter
20.05External cause codes: firearm; initial encounter
20.06External cause codes: machinery; initial encounter
20.07External cause codes: motor vehicle traffic (MVT); initial encounter
20.08External cause codes: pedal cyclist; not MVT; initial encounter
20.09External cause codes: pedestrian; not MVT; initial encounter
20.10External cause codes: transport; not MVT; initial encounter
20.11External cause codes: natural/environment; initial encounter
20.12External cause codes: bites; initial encounter
20.13External cause codes: overexertion; initial encounter
20.14External cause codes: poisoning by drug
20.15External cause codes: poisoning by non-drug
20.16External cause codes: struck by; against; initial encounter
20.17External cause codes: suffocation/inhalation; initial encounter
20.18External cause codes: other specified, classifiable and NEC; initial encounter
20.19External cause codes: unspecified mechanism
20.20External cause codes: intent of injury, accidental/unintentional
20.21External cause codes: intent of injury, self-harm
20.22External cause codes: intent of injury, assault
20.23External cause codes: intent of injury, undetermined
20.24External cause codes: intent of injury, legal intervention/war
20.25External cause codes: complications of medical and surgical care, initial encounter
20.26External cause codes: activity codes
20.27External cause codes: place of occurrence of the external cause
20.28External cause codes: evidence of alcohol involvement
20.29External cause codes: subsequent encounter
20.30External cause codes: sequela
20.99Other external causes of morbidity
21Factors Influencing Health Status and Contact with Health Services
21.01Encounter for administrative purposes
21.02Encounter for mental health services related to abuse
21.03Encounter for observation and examination for conditions ruled out (excludes infectious disease, neoplasm, mental disorders)
21.04Encounter for prophylactic or other procedures
21.05Encounter for prophylactic measures (excludes immunization)
21.06Encounter for antineoplastic therapies
21.07Encounter for mental health conditions
21.08Neoplasm-related encounters
21.09Implant, device or graft related encounter
21.10Other aftercare encounter
21.11Counseling related to sexual behavior or orientation
21.12Other specified encounters and counseling
21.13Contraceptive and procreative management
21.14Medical examination/evaluation
21.15Resistance to antimicrobial drugs
21.16Exposure, encounters, screening or contact with infectious disease
21.17No immunization or underimmunization
21.18Screening for neurocognitive or neurodevelopmental condition
21.19Socioeconomic/psychosocial factors
21.20Lifestyle/life management factors
21.21Personal/family history of disease
21.22Acquired absence of limb or organ
21.23Organ transplant status
21.24Carrier status
21.25Other specified status
21.99Other factors influencing health status and contact with health services
22Residual codes, unclassified, all E codes and surpressed codes due to <=50 observations
22.99Residual codes, unclassified, all E codes and surpressed codes due to <=50 observations

Procedure subcategories with 50 observations or less are grouped into their other Procedure Title (X.99) categories with the exception of those under Procedures found in Residual codes, unclassified, and all E codes which have no explicit subcategory.

1Administration of Therapeutic Substances
1.01Transfusion of blood and blood products
1.02Transfusion of plasma
1.03Administration of albumin and globulin
1.04Transfusion of clotting factors
1.05Administration of thrombolytics and platelet inhibitors
1.06Infusion of vasopressor
1.07Intravenous induction of labor
1.08Cervical ripening
1.09Rh immunoglobulin and other serum infusion
1.11Administration and transfusion of bone marrow, stem cells, pancreatic islet cells, and t-cells
1.13Peritoneal dialysis
1.14Regional anesthesia
1.15Administration of antibiotics
1.16Administration of anti-inflammatory agents
1.17Administration of nutritional and electrolytic substances
1.18Irrigation (diagnostic and therapeutic)
1.19Potential COVID-19 therapies
1.20Administration of diagnostic substances, NEC
1.21Administration of therapeutic substances, NEC
1.99Other administration of therapeutic substances
2Cardiovascular Procedures
2.01Heart biopsy
2.02Heart conduction mechanism procedures
2.03Coronary artery bypass grafts (CABG)
2.04Percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI)
2.05Other coronary artery procedures (excluding CABG and PCI)
2.06Carotid endarterectomy and stenting
2.07Embolectomy, endarterectomy, and related vessel procedures (non-endovascular; excluding carotid)
2.08Angioplasty and related vessel procedures (endovascular; excluding carotid)
2.09Left atrial appendage procedures
2.10Ligation and embolization of vessels
2.11Aneurysm repair procedures
2.12Vessel repair and replacement
2.13Heart and great vessel bypass procedures
2.14Peripheral arterial bypass procedures
2.15Peripheral arteriovenous fistula and shunt procedures
2.16Portal and other venous bypass procedures
2.17Pericardial procedures
2.18Heart transplant
2.19Septal repair and other therapeutic heart procedures
2.20Saphenous vein harvest and other therapeutic vessel removal
2.21Artery, vein, and great vessel procedures, NEC
2.22Heart valve replacement and other valve procedures (non-endovascular)
2.23Heart valve replacement and other valve procedures (endovascular)
2.24Venous and arterial catheter placement
2.25Placement of tunneled or implantable portion of a vascular access device
2.26Pacemaker and defibrillator procedures
2.27Heart assist device procedures
2.28Inferior vena cava (IVC) filter procedures
2.29Cardiovascular device procedures, NEC
2.99Other cardiovascular procedures
3Chiropractic Treatment
3.01Chiropractic manipulation
3.99Other chiropractic treatments
4Central Nervous System Procedures
4.01Minimally invasive CNS biopsy
4.02Lumbar puncture
4.03Spinal canal and spinal cord drainage (excluding lumbar puncture)
4.04Intracranial epidural and subdural space drainage
4.05Ventriculostomy [percutaneous approach]
4.06Other CNS drainage and related procedures
4.07CNS excision procedures
4.08Spinal cord decompression
4.09Decompressive craniectomy
4.10Cerebrospinal fluid shunt procedures
4.11Meninges repair
4.12CNS neurostimulator procedures
4.13Spinal epidural catheter placement
4.14CNS procedures, NEC
4.99Other central nervous system procedures
5Endocrine Procedures
5.01Endocrine system biopsy
5.05Pituitary gland resection
5.06Endocrine procedures, NEC
5.99Other endocrine procedures
6Ear, Nose, and Throat Procedures
6.01Laryngoscopy (diagnostic)
6.02ENT diagnostic endoscopy (excluding laryngoscopy)
6.03ENT diagnostic procedures (non-endoscopic)
6.04Diagnostic audiology
6.06ENT drainage (excluding myringotomy)
6.07Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
6.08Nasal and sinus excision
6.09Tongue excision
6.10Salivary gland excision
6.12ENT excision (excluding nasal passage, sinuses, tongue, salivary glands, larynx)
6.13ENT repair
6.15Dental procedures
6.16Face transplant
6.17ENT procedures, NEC
6.99Other ear, nose, and throat procedures
7Extracorporeal or Systemic Assistance and Performance
7.02Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
7.03Mechanical ventilation
7.04Non-invasive ventilation
7.05Cardiac chest compression
7.07Cardiac pacing
7.08Open heart cardiopulmonary bypass
7.09Cardiac assistance with balloon pump
7.10Cardiac assistance with ventricular assist device
7.11Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
7.99Other extracorporeal or systemic assistance and performance
8Extracorporeal or Systemic Therapies
8.01Pheresis therapy
8.03Ultraviolet light therapy
8.04Hypothermia therapy
8.05Extracorporeal or systemic therapies, NEC
8.99Other extracorporeal or systemic therapies
9Eye Procedures
9.01Eye procedures
9.02Eyelid procedures
9.99Other eye procedures
10Female Reproductive System Procedures
10.05Fallopian tube ligation and excision
10.06Vulvar laceration repair
10.07Female genital tract repair (excluding vulva)
10.08Cervical dilation
10.09Cervical cerclage
10.10Female upper genital tract excision
10.11Female lower genital tract excision
10.12Intrauterine device (IUD) insertion
10.13Subcutaneous contraceptive implant
10.14Ovary or uterus transplant
10.15Female reproductive system procedures, NEC
10.99Other female reproductive system procedures
11Gastrointestinal System Procedures
11.01Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) with biopsy
11.02Colonoscopy and proctoscopy with biopsy
11.03GI system biopsy (non-endoscopic)
11.04GI system endoscopy without biopsy (diagnostic)
11.05Exploration of peritoneal cavity
11.07GI system drainage (excluding paracentesis)
11.11Small bowel resection
11.12Duodenal resection
11.13Proctectomy or anal resection
11.15Omentectomy or peritoneum resection
11.16GI system endoscopic therapeutic procedures
11.18Ileostomy and colostomy
11.19Gastro-jejunal bypass (including bariatric)
11.20Anorectal repair (3rd and 4th degree obstetrical repairs and other)
11.21GI system repair (excluding anorectal)
11.22GI system lysis of adhesions
11.23GI transplant
11.24Other peritoneal cavity procedures
11.25Other GI system device procedures
11.26Upper GI therapeutic procedures, NEC (open and laparoscopic)
11.27Upper GI therapeutic procedures, NEC (endoscopic)
11.28Lower GI therapeutic procedures, NEC (open and laparoscopic)
11.29Lower GI therapeutic procedures, NEC (excluding open and laparoscopic)
11.99Other gastrointestinal system procedures
12General Region Procedures
12.01Cosmetic procedures
12.02Abdominal wall repair (including hernia)
12.03Inguinal and femoral hernia repair
12.04Endoscopic control of bleeding
12.05Control of bleeding (non-endoscopic)
12.06Chest wall procedures, NEC
12.07Mediastinal procedures, NEC
12.08Abdominal wall procedures, NEC
12.09Retroperitoneal procedures, NEC
12.10Genitourinary tract procedures, NEC
12.99Other general region procedures
13Hepatobiliary and Pancreas Procedures
13.01Liver biopsy
13.02Pancreaticobiliary biopsy
13.03Diagnostic ERCP with or without biopsy
13.04Hepatobiliary resection and ablation
13.07Biliary and pancreatic calculus removal
13.08Common bile duct sphincterotomy and stenting
13.09Pancreatic and proximal biliary dilation and stenting
13.10Hepatobiliary and pancreatic drainage
13.11Liver transplant
13.12Pancreas transplant
13.13Hepatobiliary and pancreatic procedures, NEC
13.99Other hepatobiliary and pancreas procedures
14.01Cardiac and coronary fluoroscopy
14.02Fluoroscopic angiography (excluding coronary)
14.03Fluoroscopic guidance for circulatory system procedures
14.04Fluoroscopy of non-circulatory organs
14.05Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
14.06Computerized tomography (CT) with contrast
14.07Computerized tomography (CT) without contrast
14.09Plain radiography
14.10Fluorescence imaging
14.99Other imaging
15Lymphatic and Hemic System Procedures
15.01Lymph node biopsy
15.02Lymph node excision (therapeutic)
15.03Lymph node dissection
15.06Spleen procedures (excluding splenectomy)
15.07Bone marrow biopsy
15.08Bone marrow aspiration (therapeutic)
15.09Thymus transplant
15.10Spleen transplant
15.11Lymphatic procedures, NEC
15.99Other lymphatic and hemic system procedures
16Measurement and Monitoring
16.01Arterial oxygen saturation monitoring
16.02Peripheral arterial pressure monitoring
16.03Pulmonary arterial pressure monitoring
16.04Cardiac stress tests
16.05Measurement during cardiac catheterization
16.06Pacemaker and defibrillator interrogation
16.07Electrocardiogram (ECG)
16.08Cardiac monitoring
16.09Electrophysiologic studies
16.10Other cardiovascular system measurement and monitoring
16.11Electroencephalogram (EEG)
16.12ICP and other CNS monitoring (excluding EEG)
16.13Monitoring of peripheral nerves
16.14Pulmonary function tests
16.15Measurement and monitoring, NEC
16.99Other measurement and monitoring
17Mental Health Therapy
17.01Pharmacotherapy for mental health (excluding substance use)
17.02Psychotherapy for mental health (excluding substance use)
17.03Electroconvulsive therapy
17.04Crisis intervention for mental health
17.05Mental health procedures, NEC
17.99Other mental health therapy
18Male Reproductive System Procedures
18.02Penis procedures (excluding circumcision)
18.04Prostate and seminal vesicle procedures (excluding prostatectomy)
18.05Male perineum procedures
18.06Male reproductive system transplant
18.07Male reproductive system procedures, NEC
18.99Other male reproductive system procedures
19Musculoskeletal, Subcutaneous Tissue, and Fascia Procedures
19.02Bone and joint biopsy
19.03Subcutaneous tissue, fascia, and muscle biopsy
19.04Incision and drainage of musculoskeletal tissue and joints
19.05Incision and drainage of subcutaneous tissue and fascia
19.06Knee arthroplasty
19.07Hip arthroplasty
19.08Arthroplasty of other joint (excluding knee and hip)
19.09Fixation of upper extremity bones
19.10Femur fixation
19.11Fixation of leg and foot bones
19.12Bone fixation (excluding extremities)
19.13Spine fusion
19.14Joint fusion (excluding spine)
19.15Closed reduction of bones and joints
19.16Vertebral discectomy
19.17Joint tissue excision (excluding discectomy)
19.18Bone excision
19.19Muscle, tendon, bursa, and ligament excision
19.20Subcutaneous tissue and fascia excision
19.21Perineal muscle laceration repair (2nd degree obstetrical and other)
19.22Tendon, muscle, bursa, and ligament repair (excluding perineal)
19.23Toe and mid foot amputation
19.24Below knee amputation
19.25Above knee and other proximal lower extremity amputation
19.26Finger and other upper extremity amputation
19.27Hand transplant
19.28Subcutaneous tissue and fascia procedures, NEC
19.29Musculoskeletal device procedures, NEC
19.30Musculoskeletal procedures, NEC
19.99Other musculoskeletal, subcutaneous tissue, and fascia procedures
20Nuclear Medicine
20.01Planar nuclear medicine imaging
20.02Tomographic nuclear medicine imaging
20.03Radionuclide therapy and non-imaging procedures
20.04Positron emission tomographic (PET) imaging
20.99Other nuclear medicine
21Osteopathic Treatment
21.01Osteopathic treatment
21.99Other osteopathic treatment
22Other Procedures
22.01Robotic-assisted procedures
22.02Computer-assisted procedures
22.03Fluorescence-guided procedures
22.04Isolation procedures
22.05Therapeutic massage and related procedures
22.99Other procedures
23Pregnancy-Related Procedures
23.01Fetal heart rate monitoring
23.02Spontaneous vaginal delivery
23.03Cesarean section
23.04Assisted vaginal delivery
23.06Removal of placenta and other retained products of conception
23.07Removal of ectopic pregnancy
23.09Pregnancy and fetal procedures, NEC
23.99Other pregnancy-related procedures
24Dressings and Other Placements
24.01Immobilization by splint or other external device
24.02Packing and dressing procedures
24.99Other dressings and placements
25Peripheral Nervous System Procedures
25.01Lumbosacral nerve decompression
25.02Cervicothoracic nerve decompression
25.03Peripheral nerve decompression (excluding lumbosacral and cervicothoracic)
25.04Nerve repair
25.05Peripheral nerve denervation
25.06Peripheral nerve procedures, NEC
25.99Other peripheral nervous system procedures
26Radiation Therapy
26.01Beam radiation
26.03Stereotactic radiosurgery
26.04Radiation therapy, NEC
26.99Other radiation therapy
27Respiratory System Procedures
27.01Bronchoscopy (diagnostic)
27.02Lung, pleura, or diaphragm biopsy (non-endoscopic)
27.03Thoracentesis (diagnostic)
27.04Bronchoscopy (therapeutic)
27.05Chest tube placement and therapeutic thoracentesis
27.06Open and thoracoscopic pleural drainage
27.07Airway intubation
27.08Lung, pleura, or diaphragm resection (open and thoracoscopic)
27.09Bronchoscopic excision and fulguration
27.11Diaphragmatic hernia repair
27.12Release of lung and pleura
27.13Lung transplant
27.14Respiratory system procedures, NEC
27.99Other respiratory system procedures
28Rehabilitation, Evaluation, and Treatment
28.01Physical, occupational, and respiratory therapy evaluation
28.02Physical, occupational, and respiratory therapy treatment
28.03Speech therapy evaluation
28.04Speech therapy treatment
28.99Other rehabilitation, evaluation, and treatments
29Skin and Breast Procedures
29.01Skin biopsy and diagnostic drainage
29.02Incision and drainage of skin
29.03Mastectomy and lumpectomy
29.04Breast reconstruction
29.05Perineal skin repair (1st degree obstetrical and other)
29.06Skin laceration repair (excluding perineum)
29.07Skin graft
29.08Skin excision and debridement
29.09Nail procedures
29.10Skin and breast procedures, NEC
29.99Other skin and breast procedures
30Substance Use Disorder Treatment
30.01Substance use detoxification
30.02Pharmacotherapy for substance use
30.03Psychotherapy for substance use
30.04Counseling for substance use
30.99Other substance use disorder treatments
31Urinary System Procedures
31.01Cystoscopy and ureteroscopy (including biopsy)
31.02Kidney and other urinary tract biopsy (non-endoscopic)
31.03Ureter and other urinary tract dilation
31.04Removal of calculi and other matter from urinary tract
31.05Nephrostomy and ureterostomy procedures (including stents)
31.06Bladder catheterization and drainage
31.07Urinary tract repair
31.08Nephrectomy and ureterectomy
31.09Cystectomy (including fulguration) and urethrectomy
31.10Urinary diversion with anastomosis or ostomy
31.11Kidney transplant
31.12Urinary system procedures, NEC
31.99Other urinary system procedures
32Residual codes, unclassified, all E codes and surpressed codes due to <=50 observations
32.99Residual codes, unclassified, all E codes and surpressed codes due to <=50 observations

Observations less than 50

Principal Diagnosis and Procedure subcategories with 50 observations or less are grouped into their Principal Diagnosis/Procedure Title (X.99) categories with the exception of those under Principal Diagnosis/Procedures found in Residual codes, unclassified, and all E codes which have no explicit subcategory.


(Map of Oklahoma Counties)

The county of residence.


(Map of Regions)
Region Counties
Central Cleveland, Oklahoma
Northeast Adair, Cherokee, Craig, Creek, Delaware, Kay, Lincoln, Mayes, Muskogee, Noble, Nowata, Okfuskee, Okmulgee, Osage, Ottawa, Pawnee, Payne, Rogers, Sequoyah, Wagoner, Washington
Northwest Alfalfa, Beaver, Blaine, Canadian, Cimarron, Custer, Dewey, Ellis, Garfield, Grant, Harper, Kingfisher, Logan, Major, Roger Mills, Texas, Woods, Woodward
Southeast Atoka, Bryan, Choctaw, Coal, Haskell, Hughes, Johnston, Latimer, LeFlore, Marshall, McCurtain, McIntosh, Murray, Pittsburg, Pontotoc, Pottawatomie, Pushmataha, Seminole
Southwest Beckham, Caddo, Carter, Comanche, Cotton, Garvin, Grady, Greer, Harmon, Jackson, Jefferson, Kiowa, Love, McClain, Stephens, Tillman, Washita
Tulsa Tulsa


The race categories used: White, African American, American Indian, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Other.