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“Rx for Oklahoma” Prescription Drug Program

What is RX for Oklahoma?
RX for Oklahoma helps Oklahomans access prescription assistance programs provided by pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.
Free and discounted medication assistance has proven to be a much needed service for Oklahomans since the inception of RX for Oklahoma on December 1, 2005. Since then, more than 15,000 clients have been helped across the state. RX for Oklahoma provides better healthcare, improved medication compliance and fewer medical complications for those that qualify.
For more information, please visit http://www.okcommerce.gov/content/1676 

Regional Area Service Providers (open Rx for OK Statewide Map):

Region 1 – Community Development Support Association (CDSA)
Enid, OK
Regional Area Coordinator: Carolyn Pickard

Region 2 – Great Plains Improvement Foundation (GPIF)
Lawton, OK
Regional Area Director: Carina Friedl

Region 3 – Northeast Oklahoma CAA (NEOCAA)
Jay, OK
Regional Area Director: Bill Hamilton

Region 4 – KI Bois CAF
Stigler, OK
Regional Area Director: Shaunda Noah

Region 5 – CAA of OKC & Canadian Counties
Regional Area Coordinator: Angie Dotson

RX for Oklahoma - Map

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